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“Written in the Stars”

Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur is an LGBTQIA+ rom-com set in Seattle. It follows Darcy and Elle as they try to convince Darcy's brother (Elle's new business partner) that they are in a relationship. But as their fake relationship goes on, their feelings become real and they fall for each other.

This was a cute read that had me laughing at the dialogue and wanting to know what was coming next. It was sweet, romantic, and steamy, just want you want in a rom-com. However, I did struggle as I got towards the end because the interactions between the characters became repetitive and stale to me. I was just constantly being like "get on with it!!" I ended up not finishing it completely and finding out what happens in the end from someone in my discord book server. It was the typical rom-com, girl loses girl and then has to get her back and then does.

For what this was the writing was decent and I enjoyed it but I just wish it had been a little shorter. I might read the second one in this series but I'm not sure yet. Overall, I would recommend this for people who like chick-lit/rom-coms.

3/5 stars

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