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"whiskey words & a shovel II"

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

whiskey words & a shovel II is a collection of poetry by r.h. Sin. It documents their emotions after a breakup where they feel anger and hate towards the person who hurt them. You can feel that they wish they could tell someone else that the pain and anger they are feeling is normal and that you should not worry about that person anymore, but yourself and who you are.

Collection 2

There are many mentions of being stuck because they are looking towards the past. The poems push that they (and you) should move on to find something better. I resonated with these just as much as the last collection, maybe even more so (but I am filled with anger most of the time haha jk). The emotions within this book are so raw and amazing. I genuinely enjoyed reading it and it is my fave so far in these three collections. I would recommend this to anyone.

5/5 stars

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