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"whiskey words & a shovel I"

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

whiskey words & a shovel I is a collection of poetry by r.h. Sin. It documents their emotions through heartbreak, loss, and regret. The book is filled with honest and raw emotions that the reader (me) felt very in tune with. I see myself as a hopeless romantic so I definitely resonated with the hurt that they were writing about. Many poems are about unrequited love, knowing that you deserve better in a relationship, and the loss of someone they once loved.

I had to stop reading these poems a few times though because they hit close to home. The poems are short and simple but they are very powerful. I would include some of them but I can't unfortunately. But I love them so much.

Collection 1

This is the first collection of three so hopefully the tone of the poetry changes. This includes a lot of heartbreak and sadness within its pages. I think I would recommend this to anyone who has ever been through a tough breakup or is in a bad relationship because it really does show that other people have gone or are going what you have/are going through.

(I will be reading and reviewing part II and III as well)

4/5 stars

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