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"They Both Die At the End"

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Nothing will prepare you for the journey you will go on with this book.

Originally posted in 2018. Just a heads up. This post contains spoilers!!

So I finished reading They Both Die At The End by Adam Silvera, and let me tell you, I was not prepared for it to end.

So a quick summary of the book is that everyone in the world now knows when they are going to die because of a company called Death-Cast. They call you around midnight the day you're going to die and tell you that you should live the last day the best you can. This book focuses on two main characters but also has some little updates about other side characters to keep the story going.

Two boys, Mateo, 18, and Rufus, 17, both get a call the same day. They don't want to be alone on their last day so they both go on an app called Last Friend. This app is kind of like a Tinder vibe where you can find people who are either Deckers (people dying) or regular people to spend your last day with. They end up finding each other at 3 am after they both get the call and decide that they should spend their last day together and become friends. The book is basically about them coming to terms that they are going to die and then having the best day together. They do many things together and have some great experiences and it was really nice to read and see how these two boys spent their last day.

Spoilers Ahead

To quickly sum it up they fall in love with each other and try to stay in one place and not die towards the end of the day. #spoilers


The book leaves you to assume the other dies as well but you don't really know for sure. I just can't believe a book would make me love these characters and hope they don't die but then you know...THEY DO!!

I really don't know what I expected going into a book title They Both Die At The End but I did. I really did like this book and it reminds me a bit about Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe which is a book I love. This one was just a bit different and was over too quickly.

I think I'm giving this one a 4 our of 5 stars!

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