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"The List of Things That Will Not Change"

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Pretty deep for a middle grades book.

The List of Things That Will Not Change by Rebecca Stead is a Middle Grades Contemporary fiction novel about a girl who is dealing with all the emotions of her parents being divorced and her dad remarrying. This book was a nomination for Goodreads Choice Awards Middle Grades. So I thought, why not see what the hype is about, and my god, it is a fantastic children's novel.

Looking back to the books that were available to me as a child and comparing it to this one is extremely drastic. I had books like Goosebumps, Magic Tree House, Animorphs, A Series of Unfortunate Events, etc but I never really came across anything like this novel. But I'm really glad I've read it now.

“Remember how sometimes one feeling is behind another feeling?”

The book is about a girl named Beatrice (Bea) whose parents get divorced because her Dad is gay. But he ends up remarrying the love of his life and the novel is from Bea's point of view on how she is feeling with having to go back and forth between her parents and how she deals with her feelings of not only growing up but just everything that comes along with new beginnings and such.

Amazing book

I think I really loved this book because I was around her age when my parents divorced so I could really relate to how she was feeling. I found myself almost in shock by how spot on her feelings are in comparison to how mine were or even are today about the whole situation. It was very nice to see Bea grow up as the book went on and see her grow into understanding her own feelings and realize that it is okay to feel all the emotions that she was feeling. The end of the book was nice and sweet, I definitely would recommend this for a middle grades book.

This was my nominee for the Goodreads Choice Awards Middle Grades for 2020.

4/5 stars

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