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“The Cybernetic Tea Shop”

The Cybernetic Tea Shop by Meredith Katz is a futuristic LGBTQIA+ novella. I read this for the readathon bingo for this month! The main character Clara is ace (which opened up more information to learn about during pride). She is an AI repair tech and nomad who bounces from city to city after only staying for about a year. She ends up moving to a new city and finding a nearby tea shop that is run completely by a robot named Sal. She is unique to her time and Clara is intrigued by her. She ends up befriending Sal and helping her in many different ways.

This novella was not something that I would normally go for but I loved it so much! I honestly want to read more stories like this because it was short, sweet, and thought-provoking in many different ways.

“Home was here, but here was gone, and home was nowhere.”

The relationship between Sal and Clara is so nice and different. Their dynamic was so pleasant I just wanted to give them both a hug all of the time. I think that I might read this one again sometime in the future to see if there is anything that I missed the first time. I would recommend this to literally anyone!

4/5 stars

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