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“Tender is the Flesh”

Warning: Please be advised that this book has topics that may be sensitive to some readers.

Tender is the Flesh by Agustina Bazterrica is a horror/sci-fi/dystopian novel that follows a man who works at a meat processing plant. But the meat is now humans. There was a virus in animals that could kill people if they were consumed so most animals were discarded and cannibalism was legalized. I have a lot to say about this book but I don't think many of you reading this would like me to go into it. I'm not as grossed out by topics/books like this because I have been desensitized by listening/watching true crime. However, I do want to say that this novel felt like it was trying to talk about society and government and possibly capitalism? I feel like there was more to this than just the dilemma of cannibalism. It is hard to explain without going into depth about what was taking place in the book without being graphic. If you are not grossed out by this or are and want to be grossed out go ahead and read it I guess. I'm not that impressed by the book as a whole. I thought the first part of the book was great and I really thought we were going to be going in a different direction. But the second half seemed to change that and the end just kind of disappointed me. I have yet to find a horror novel that has actually freaked me out or scared me. I'm starting to think that this isn't the genre for me. I get more out of thrillers than I do horror at this point.

3/5 stars

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