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September Wrap Up

I read books in September! I did read some shorter books but I still am happy with how many books I read since I didn't finish any last month. Property of a Noblewoman by Danielle Steel 2/5 stars Basic standalone "romance" from Danielle Steel. Full review here. Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke by Eric LaRocca 0/5 stars A novella about a worm. Full review here. "Executive Toy" and "Professional Sin" by Cleo Peitsche Avg 3/5 stars Standard random erotica off of amazon. A full review will be posted after I finish all of the books in the series. September felt like a long month but in a good way. I felt like I was able to read more than I usually do because I had more time. I'm hoping to finish some longer books in October that I've been wanting to finish for a while now.

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