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“Red, White, & Royal Blue”

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This book is supposed to be for adults yet it reads like a terrible YA fanfic of a pretend first son and a pretend Prince of England who I'm assuming is supposed to emulate Prince Harry if he were gay. This was rec'd on my discord book server for February (yeah I know I'm a bit late) for a "romance" book to fit Valentine's themed month. Well, it wasn't a romance, it was "erotic" trash. I have never read a "romance" book that had as little chemistry as these two main characters have. I feel like it was so forced and so they could give each other as many blow jobs as possible. I have never heard of gay guys giving this many blow jobs to each other as often as they do in this book.

I was only able to get about halfway through this one before I completely gave up. I did not want to waste any more of my time reading about two guys who think they are better than everyone else because they live in the White House/Palace. I have so many more issues with this book in regards to stereotypes such as race, gender, and a whole lot of other societal issues. This just isn't it.

“And they're not khakis, they're chinos. Khakis are for white people.”

What's the big deal?

I was going through some other one-star reviews on Goodreads and this one just summed up everything that I feel about this book.

I rated this 1/5 stars. But it's really a zero because I regret reading any part of this.

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