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November TBR

I haven't really been reading too much lately but since I'm sick this weekend I thought I might as well try. Here are some of the books that I'm reading this month.

Love is a Mental Illness by Franco Cardiello It has been awhile since I've read a poetry book. I forgot how much I loved poetry. This one has been very different from other poetry books I have read before because they aren't just like 2-3 lines, more of a story. I like how it compares being in love to sharing a sense of psychosis with someone else. You both share the same mental state of what being in love feels like. It isn't just the typical love/heartbreak poetry that you see everywhere these days. Not that those aren't good, but these have a bit more substance.

I'll review it fully once I have finished!

Fire and Blood by George R. R. Martin

So of course I had to get this and start reading it as soon as I finished Season 1 of House of the Dragon. I'm obsessed with GoT and always have been. It is my favorite series of all time. I'm still working my way through the books, I'm on A Clash of Kings right now as well but I wanted more Targaryen stories in my life.

I like how this reads as a history book so far. I love George R. R. Martin's writing, he has the most ideal fantasy writing for me, it has everything that I love in it. I cannot wait to learn more about the lore of Westeros and the Targaryen bloodline.

Plus there are already so many spoilers all the time for House of the Dragon, might as well read them myself.

Taken by the Dark Elf King by Charlotte Swan

So....this one is obviously a fantasy romance and since I was already in the mood from House of the Dragon, I thought this would be perfect to get back into reading romance books.

I saw a snippet of this on TikTok and I just had to go get it. I am pretty excited to start this one because...ELVES, duh.

I think everyone knows an elf with long hair is superior to anything else haha. Any fantasy man with long hair is pretty great in my opinion haha. I'll definitely be reviewing this one as soon as I finish and if it's good I'll continue with the series.

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