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My Fave Succubus

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

I have been binging the heck out of this series called Succubus Harem by L. L. Frost. It seems way more spicy than it is to be honest. It is about a succubus named Adeline Boo Pond who's dream is to open a bakery after getting her physical form. It is more of a cozy romance than an erotic romance, however there is a bit of spice as you progress more into the series. Every five or so books cover a new arc in the story and they are addicting.

I'm currently on book 15 of 55 which is the last book in the 3rd arc.

The first arc is called Succubus Bargain which introduces the Adie and the three chaos demons who start a contract with her to help them stay in control of their powers so they do not destroy the earth.

The second arc is called Succubus Studies where we find out the Adie has a lot to learn about being a proper succubus.

The third arc is called Succubus on a Mission where Adie is given a quest by the demon librarian.

I do not want to give away too much about what else goes on within the story though. You should just go read it! The whole series is on Kindle Unlimited and the covers are some of my faves! I also recently started L. L. Frost's new serial series and that one is also great! I'll write more about that one later!

Update: Currently on book 23! I've been taking a little break from the series because the last arc was not my fave. I did not like the witch demon hunter arc. It was kind of just boring.

I will update info about each arc as I continue to read but here are average ratings for each arc.

1-5 - 4.6 stars

6-10 - 3.8 stars

11-15 - 4 stars

16-22 - 3.7 stars

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