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"Mexcian Gothic"

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Don't waste your time.

Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garica is a horror novel with a classic gothic vibe. The book is about a girl named Noemi who travels to the countryside to visit her cousin Catalina who wrote a letter to her father about mysterious happenings around the mansion she lives with her husband call High Place. The book focuses on Noemi's ambition to find out what is going on with her cousin and the house and family within.

I was reading this book with my discord's book club and I really was quite excited about it since it had just come out in July and the hype on Goodreads was up. However, I started it and became weary and slowly became more disappointed with how the book was turning out. Without spoilers, I will say that it is a slow build which in any book makes me lose interest quite fast. There wasn't enough suspense for me to want to not put the book down. I got about 80 pages left of the book when things started to pick up and get intense but at that point what was happening in the book, one was too much for me, and two, just too chaotic for me. Maybe one day I will finish those last 80 pages but I already looked up the ending so I probably won't seeing as it didn't seem like that spectacular.

Yes, I know my opinion is completely different from most who read this book and I have already received some disagreements within my book club but that's okay with me. Not everyone likes every popular book on a shelf. Sometimes books are not for certain people and this is one of the rare ones for me. With that, I will say that there are some important talking points and themes within this book that are relevant to many of the things going on in society today so if you'd like to read this one I still would say go for it! You may like it more than I did!

I have another book by this author that I will try out most likely next year called Gods of Jade and Shadow that is set during the Jazz Age and has Mayan gods in it. So being an anthropologist, it's up my alley.

Anyway I rate Mexican Gothic

1/5 stars

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