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"Magpie Murders"

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

A mystery within a mystery. A book within a book.

Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz is a unique read (#audiobook). It is about a book editor who receives a manuscript in a whodunit series. You get to read this manuscript and then her investigation after she finishes it. It's basically two books in one and it's amazing.

I really enjoyed listening to this one, I have told many people to read it because I was just blown away by how great the writing is and how it just pulled me in and continued to keep me invested in the story. Yeah, it did take me a little while to finish it but that's because the audiobook is almost 16 hours long and I really was only able to finish up the end of it when I drove to work and back (20 min increments).


There was not much that I did not like about this book. I honestly did not guess who the killer was and was kind of shocked that it was who it was. But I thoroughly enjoyed this one, it was something different than I usually read and it was refreshing in that aspect. And the last sentence, omg.

I give this one a 5/5 star rating for sure.

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