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"Love on the Brain"

Love on the Brain by Ali Hazelwood is her second full length contemporary romance novel. Bee Königswasser is a cool neuroscientist who has an archnemesis named Levi Ward. They have just been put as co-leads on a new NASA project.

I would say this one got a 4/.25 if we're being technical. I found this story to be interesting since of course it has NASA again, however the miscommunication or lack of communication in this one was a bit of a let down for me. Maybe this one gets less stars than The Love Hypothesis because I already knew Hazelwood's formatting, this being the 5th story I have read from her.

I do appreciate the fact that Levi didn't always come off as a prick like a true enemies to lovers because you can never really enjoy the romance if one party is horrible to the other in most of the book. Anyway, Hazelwood is still one of my fave romance authors so I will definitely read her new book, Love, Theoretically, that comes out next month!

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