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Life Update: July 2022

Just turned in my last assignment for my Paralegal classes and as soon as it is graded...I'll be a certified Paralegal!! Haven't been reading much because of school but I'm hoping to get back into it again here soon. Life has been hard but I'm working through it, getting my mental health better has helped so much! (Who would have thought haha). Now I just need to work on my physical health too! Been walking everyday as much as I can and we're going to be going hiking and bouldering this weekend too! I might add the pics from hiking to this post later on if they are pretty. But yeah, not much else has changed or needs an update. My birthday is in just over two weeks so I'm hoping to do my yearly dim sum breakfast!! I gotta get some of those pork buns and the coconut buns!! I do have maybe one or two reviews that I need to type up and post so look out for those! I finished the second and third "Steminist" novellas by Ali Hazelwood and a random horror novella as well.

Anyway, if you're still here, thanks for reading! <3

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