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July Wrap Up/Review

July Wrap Up

I was only able to finish one book this month. I took it kind of easy and didn't want to force myself to read a ton of books. I have read 74 out of 100 books this year for my goal. So I'm going to try to read more in August. However, it is my birthday month so I suspect that I might be a little busier than usual. I do not have anything specific planned for what I'm going to read either. We'll see what happens.

The Lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory

Historical fiction novel set in the 1400s focusing on Jacquetta, Duchess of Bedford. She was the duchess who married for love after the death of her first husband. She became the mother to Queen Elizabeth Woodville, wife of Edward IV, the first York King of England. I loved reading about Jacquetta because she was such a strong woman who only wanted to keep her family safe. It was very interesting to see her relationship with the Queen Margaret of Anjou and how the downfall of her and Henry VI came to be. I found myself missing the setting and wondering what the characters were up to whenever I stopped reading this. I learned a lot of the history of that time from reading this. I will continue reading this series. 4/5 stars

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