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Hi Again

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

I haven't been doing much writing here cuz I have felt like the books I have been reading are insignificant. I've been just doing chores and reading and sleeping. That's my life right now. I hope to start a Master's program in the Fall. I've been struggling to pick what I want to study though.

I originally wanted to be a librarian and do Library Science but I have been second guessing that plan. I don't want a job to take away my love for reading. So I figured why not continue my studies in Anthropology. I love studying culture and religion so I figured that might be a really good path for me.

My other dream was to do this program in England that is a Master's in Tudor History. But I'd have to move to England and I can't really do that right now.

The struggle is real.

This series that I'm reading right now is more of a serial so there are 55 "books" in it. They range from like 30 to 60 pages a piece, so I'm slowly working my way through that right now. I will do a massive review on the whole thing when I am done.

I'm also reading another book in Philippa Gregory's Plantagenet/Tudor series called The King's Curse. I love it so much so far, it focuses on the life of Margaret Pole after Elizabeth of York and Henry VII are married. I've also been watching more of the Starz series that are based on the novels in that series. The Spanish Princess is the one I just started (and already finished the first season). I have a lot to say about that one in comparison to the books and the actual history so I might make a post about that. It is wild, let me just say that.

I'm also getting ready for my Reading Discord's April Book Club: Mystery/Noir Crime! I'm really excited about it because I love mystery/thriller type books. I'm also picking one of my fave books to be the mod pick and I'm excited to see what everyone thinks of it!

Anyway, update/rambles over! I'm off to read some more and hopefully get back into the groove of updating this site!

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