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Flagstaff Vacation

This past weekend my fiancé and I went up to Flagstaff for a little vacation. It was exactly what I needed for a mental refresh. We relaxed, went hiking, climbed, and had some really great food. We got to walk around downtown Flagstaff and see all the shops and just enjoy ourselves. Here are some of my fave things we did!

We found this amazing coffee shop called Firecreek Coffee and it had the best drip coffee I've ever had. It was an El Salvador blend with hints of pear and lemon and omg. I could drink that coffee black every day. They also had really good breakfast sandwiches that I am obsessed with and wanna make at home.

My other fave food we had was at Taverna Modern and omg. We might have spent a little too much there but it was definitely worth it. I had the Mushroom Ragu and it was the best pasta dish I have ever had! I thought it was so cute cuz it had tiny little mushrooms and I had never had those before. I think my fiancé and I have decided that we are going to go there any time we are in Flagstaff. It was that good!!

We tried another coffee shop that had a really good strawberry danish. It was at Macy's European Coffeehouse & Bakery. I really enjoyed how well the danish went with the coffee that I got. I had a Latte Royal with oat milk. Very tasty!


The best part of the vacation though was being surprised by my fiancé with the engagement ring he bought me a few months ago! He tricked me and said that it had still not been delivered but he had it for a whole month!! We went up to a scenic view on Humphrey's Peak and he surprised me and proposed again with the ring! (He was adorable, the ring box was upside down haha). I, of course, said yes again and I cried my eyes out and it was so perfect. I love him so much!

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