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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Would you find your true love over and over?

Evermore by Alyson Noel is a YA Paranormal Romance. The novel focuses on a teenage girl named Ever who recently lost her family in a car accident and has to live her new life with her new "gifts" at her new school when she meets a new kid who seems to make those "gifts' disappear.

I read this book back in high school and absolutely loved it. It is one of the reasons why red tulips became my favorite flower. I was really into these types of paranormal YA books back then. However, I never got to finish the series that this book is in so I thought I would reread it to start the series over to eventually finish it.

I have to say that there were some things in this now that I found super annoying reading as an adult. Her best friend in the book is completely selfish and annoying and she really doesn't seem like a friend to her at all. Her love interest has so many red flags that I stopped counting. The connection between the two seems kind of blah and a little forced, I wasn't as drawn into it as I was when I was younger.

However, the one thing that I did enjoy was the building up of the characters and the world that they come from. I'm hoping that as I go through more of the series, more of that will be told.

The first time I read this I gave it 5/5 stars but this time it's going to be 3/5 stars.

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