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“Dear Laura”

"Yours respectfully, X"

I was in a horror mood and found this short novella on kindle unlimited and I figured, why not. I went into it somewhat blind and I think that was the way to go. So with that I'll only give you a snippet of what it is about. Dear Laura by Gemma Amor, is about a 13 yr old girl who loses her best friend, he was kidnapped and presumably murdered. After this happens she starts receiving letters from his kidnapper with the promise that he will reveal something to her in the end. I blew through this one in about an hour, it is only about 100 pages so that was pretty easy. I didn't expect it to be *that* terrifying but it was very tense at times. I found myself needing to know how this one was going to end and I wasn't going to sleep until I knew. When I did finish it I was pretty satisfied and glad that I finished it in one go. I feel like this is something that could if not has happened to someone in the true crime world. Sadistic killers are freaking weird. Anyway, I really want to read more horror books like this in the future, but they are so hard to find. Maybe I'll give some of the other books by this author a try.

This one got 4/5 stars.

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