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“Come Closer”

What would you do if you were being possessed by a demon?

Come Closer by Sara Grun is a book that I saw on TikTok that was listed under "most disturbing" books. I was intrigued because I had never read anything like this. In this book, the main character Amanda is slowly being taken over by a demon (which she is aware of) but there are things that are stopping her from fixing it.

“I was curious. It would be good for a laugh.”

Creepy but good

I enjoyed reading this because it was really just genuinely a bit creepy. When the demon took over Amanda at times it was just weird to think about. Amanda early on realizes that she has some of the symptoms that are related to demon possession but the only sort of tries to stop it. Watching Amanda slowly decline into this evil person was terrifying and exciting at the same time. You really don't know what is going to happen as the book goes on and the end seems to be a bit unexpected as well. For being just under 200 pages, there is a lot to this story. I would recommend it for anyone who likes a little chill in their bones.

4/5 stars

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