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Bujo Time!

I bought my new journal so I can make next year's bullet journal! I already made all the other spreads for the rest of this year in my 2021 journal. But I'm excited to start a brand new one. I feel like working on the one this year really helped me get into the habit of writing in it daily. I also feel like it has made me use a bit more creativity than I would normally do. I love doing it so much!

I'll be posting pics of spreads as I make the 2022 journal. So far I only have the year at a glance and a swatch of all my brush pens in the back. I'm having a hard time trying to decide the layout for my monthly logs as well. In my 2021 journal, my setup was: Monthly, Weekly, Mood Tracker, Habit Tracker. But I think I want to do: Monthly and Daily and incorporate the mood/habit tracker and possibly a water tracker into the dailies. It is really hard to think of a nice layout to do that though.

I found this one on Pinterest by @supermassiveblackink that has a combo of monthly/mood.

I found this one that is a monthly/habit. (not sure who to credit). But I don't really need to track my "business" cuz I work the same schedule haha

These examples are just scratching the surface of the types of layouts that you can do. So I'm going to have to think and take some time to pick what kind I want. I mean I do have until 2022 lol. I also ordered stickers from my favorite shop on Etsy I used their stickers in my bullet journal from this year and I love them soooo much!! I can't wait to post pics of them for you guys!

If you have any ideas/layouts/spreads that you love comment down below and I'll check them out!

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