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“Below Zero”

NASA hottie? Yes, please!

The third novella from Ali Hazelwood had me hooked just like the last two! This one follows STEMinist named Hannah who always dreamt of becoming a NASA aerospace engineer! For one of her classes she has to interview someone who's job she wants and that's when she meets Ian. He happens to be the sexy ginger cousin of Mara from Under One Roof! I liked the science in this one a bit more since I've always been a fan of space and NASA (my dream in high school was to be an astrophysicist haha). The chemistry between Ian and Hannah was a lot better than the couple's from the last two novellas!

I'd say if you already read the other 3 books by Ali Hazelwood, read this one too! I can't wait for Ali Hazelwood's next novel at the end of August 2022! I gave this one 4 stars!

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