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April Wrap Up

This was the first time ever that I read more than 5 books in a month. This April I have managed to read 7 books! Full reviews will be published and linked as they are posted!

The Holdout by Graham Moore 4/5 stars

Legal Thriller by Academy Award-winning screenwriter of The Imitation Game. An infamous jury is having deja vu when another murder happens ten years after their controversial verdict. Full review here.

Fangs & Fairy Dust by Melissa Monroe 4/5 stars

Prequel to the Priscilla Pratt Mystery series. Follows how Priscilla became a vampire and solved her first mystery with the help of her fairy godmother.

Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott 4/5 stars

Not for the faint of heart. This work of fiction follows the kidnapping and hostage journey of a young girl who is tortured and has lost hope of escape.

Ever After by Olivia Vieweg 3/5 stars

German comic about two girls who escape a city during a zombie apocalypse to find a better life.

Aged for Murder by Fiona Grace 3/5 stars

Olivia Glass is fed up with her office job and wants to make a change for herself so she moves to Tuscany, Italy to pursue her dream of becoming a winemaker. There she finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery.

Boy Meets Girl by Meg Cabot 2/5 stars

The second book in The Boy series by Meg Cabot. Not your normal formatted novel follows Kate Mackenzie and her coworkers at their job working for the New York Journal.

The Boy is Back by Meg Cabot 0/5 stars dnf

The fourth book in The Boy series by Meg Cabot. Formatted like the others in the series, this follows Becky Flowers and Reed Stewart in the small town of Bloomville, Indiana.

April felt like the longest month ever but I'm excited to see what I read in May!

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01 mai 2021

You read so many this month!!

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