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Am I doing too much?

So I'm currently reading 8 books at once because all I know is chaos. Did you notice that all of them are below 25%? haha I don't know why I do this to myself but here we are. I decided that I'll just continue to add any books I start reading and not take them off my currently reading list until I either finish them or DNF them! Let's do a little breakdown of what I'm reading and why.

  • The Count of Monte Cristo/The Lord of the Rings- will be trying to finish these massive books by the end of the year. Reading as buddy reads in the Goodreads Discord

  • Simmer Down - random romance I've had on my kindle for awhile, just wanted something light to go between other books

  • Grey- supposed to be narrating this one for server members on the Goodreads Discord (been slacking)

  • Fourth Wing - one of the server members begged me to read this one because they liked my hot takes on the ACOTAR series

  • Down the Drain - audiobook included on Spotify premium, figured why not

  • The Overthinking in Relationships Fix - all I do is overthink in life haha

  • The Vine Witch - I've had this series on my kindle/audible for years, figured why not Between all of these, work, and trying to move in the next 2 months, I have no faith that I'll finish any of these soon. But if I do I'll write about it!

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